When Does a Dog Bite Qualify for an Injury Claim?

Dogs are a popular pet choice, but they can also exhibit aggressive behavior or even attack. Every year, many people are left with severe injuries due to a dog bite. If you’ve been bitten, you need to know your rights and options in the courtroom. 

Remember that the owner is responsible for their dog’s training and actions. But don’t forget that not all dog bites qualify for a personal injury claim, as your chances of being successful depend on the circumstances. At the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg, we know it can be hard to determine when an injury qualifies, so read on to learn more. 

You’re Unable to Work

You’re entitled to compensation when someone else’s actions take away your ability to generate income. That includes dog bites, which can leave you with severe damage. If your tendons are damaged, you may be unable to move a specific body part for some time or permanently.

This can result in lost income and can negatively impact your quality of life. Because of this, you should always speak with an attorney if you can’t get back to work because of a dog bite. They know how to negotiate and will make sure that your settlement includes lost wages. 

Medical Treatment Is Required

Seeking medical attention after a dog bite should always be the first step you take. Even if you weren’t taken to the emergency room, schedule a doctor’s appointment to get help and document the extent of your injuries. Symptoms of infection can take days to show up, and receiving proper treatment as soon as possible is crucial.

Dog bites can also make pre-existing conditions worse, which means that you’ll require treatment for a long time before you can make a full recovery. Injruies qualify you for a claim, and your settlement will include all your current and future medical expenses. 

Pain and Suffering

A dog attack can cause more than physical damage. This event can negatively impact your life, up to the development of emotional trauma. The physical pain you have to endure each day should also be compensated.

This type of damage doesn’t have a specific monetary value like medical bills do, but it qualifies for an injury claim; you need to be compensated for all the pain and suffering you went through because of a dog bite. 

You Did Not Provoke the Dog

For a dog bite to qualify for an injury claim, it needs to happen without an apparent reason. That means that you did not provoke the dog at any point and that what happened was the result of the owner’s negligence.

Wisconsin has strict liability laws when it comes to dog bites. That means, if you’re bitten by a dog, it doesn’t matter if the dog has been previously aggressive—you may still be eligible for compensation. 

Talk with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Once you take legal action, the at-fault party will do everything they can in order to diminish the value of your claim or claim you don’t qualify for a lawsuit. As a dog attack victim, you’ll find yourself injured, stressed, and without the experience needed to win your case. 

That’s why you should seek legal guidance as soon as possible. Personal injury lawyers from The Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg will consider your rights a priority and are ready to represent you in the courtroom if necessary. Call 414-271-7007 or complete the contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.