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“For victims of car accidents and serious injuries, we can provide everything a large law firm provides but in a more personal way. Clients who call or come into our office will speak directly with the person whose name is on the door.”

-Attorney Gary Greenberg.


The sad truth is that neither the insurance companies nor the legal system will make things any easier. You’re going to need financial compensation to pay for your accident-related expenses and to help you move on from the trauma of the injuries. Receiving this compensation usually means dealing with insurance companies and sometimes even opposing attorneys, and their primary concern will be limiting their own liability—which means less money for you.


Milwaukee personal injury lawyer Gary Greenberg can deal with these issues so you don’t have to. You deserve a settlement that will cover ALL of the damages you suffered in the auto crash or other accident scenario. The insurance is almost certain to lowball your offer, hoping to get you to settle for less than you should.


At the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg, we are committed to our clients. You’re bound to have questions after your personal injury, and that’s okay! We’re here to address your concerns and provide you with a free legal evaluation of your case that is both honest and compassionate.


The time after an injury can be filled with legal hurdles, insurance complications, and unforeseen challenges. You need a personal injury lawyer who not only has experience, but one who will also look out for your best interests. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you work with our firm.

Few things can turn your life upside-down as quickly and thoroughly as a serious injury. Medical bills, insurance claims, injuries, permanent disabilities, property damage, and emotional trauma—the list of things you’ll need to deal with is long and can feel like an overwhelming burden. Fortunately, this burden can be made lighter with help from an experienced injury attorney from the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg.


Whether you’ve suffered a truly serious injury such as brain damage or a spinal injury, or you were able to walk away with just a broken bone and some property damage, you deserve to be compensated for what you’ve been through. You don’t have to settle for the insurance company’s initial—and probably inadequate—offer. Attorney Greenberg has been practicing law for well over twenty-five years now. He is an injury lawyer who knows how to properly value a claim, so you can count on him to aggressively pursue your settlement with diligence and dedication.


The cost of your current and future medical bills, your property repairs, the pain and suffering you’ve been through, and the damage done to your quality of life are just a few of the things that need to be included in your settlement. Where the insurance company will probably only offer to pay for the most obvious expenses, your personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee will help you uncover every single way that your life has been affected by the accident and ensure that it gets included in your demand for compensation.

Lost Wages

Medical Bills

Pain and Suffering

Uninsured Motorists


Why Hire Us?


You have rights, and they need to be respected. Your Milwaukee personal injury attorney will make certain that you get treated with respect and aren’t taken advantage of by insurers or opposing legal teams, something that happens to accident victims all too often. The legal system should be used to protect you—not leave you in a worse position.


After a personal injury, the last thing you want to do is deal with insurance policies and legal headaches. You’ve got injuries to recover from and a life to get back to living, and trying to sort out the legal consequences of an accident you didn’t cause shouldn’t be your problem. We’ll handle the insurance companies and the lawyers so that you can get things back to normal and put your life back on track.


When you retain a personal injury attorney in Milwaukee, you have a right to expect your lawyer to cover all of the angles. At the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg, we know precisely what it takes to bring a personal injury claim to a successful conclusion. We won’t settle for anything less than the best for our clients.


Building a strong case takes investigative resources to uncover evidence and work with witnesses. Over the years, we’ve developed an impressive network of professional connections and the knowledge on how to best put them to use. Your case will directly benefit from our experience and contacts.


You don’t want to leave your case in inexperienced hands. Assessing the value of a claim is a skill that requires knowledge earned from direct experience. Gary Greenberg has been practicing law for over twenty-five years. That’s experience that will serve you well both during out-of-court negotiations and in court during trial.


You need a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer that understands what you’re going through. We’ve helped accident victims just like you from all over Wisconsin. Whether you’ve suffered a serious injury or have just lost a family member in a fatal crash, we understand what you’re going through. We’re here to address your concerns and help you through this difficult time.


We won’t leave you wondering what’s happening with your case. Any time there’s an update or a new development, you’ll hear about it from us as soon as possible. We’ll keep you informed on what’s going on with the insurance company and of what’s ahead. Any time you’ll need to be directly involved, we’ll make certain you’re prepared and know what to expect.


Gary Greenberg is a personal injury attorney who will treat your case as if it’s his own. With us, you aren’t a case number. You can expect to benefit from aggressive legal representation that won’t rest until you’ve received ALL of the compensation that you are due.

What Makes Gary Greenberg Different

  • When you call or come into my office you will be able to speak to me personally about every aspect of your case.
  • I will give you straight answers in plain language so you will be able to understand your case.
  • I will give you as much time as you need to answer all of your questions.
  • I will take the stress and confusion out of the process of making a claim against the insurance company.
  • After more than 25 years of fighting for the rights of injured people, I know what it takes to obtain the largest settlement for your case.

What Our Clients Say About Our Services

I have had two car accidents in my life. In the first accident my eye was seriously injured and I had to have surgery. I ended up with scars on my eyelid and a scar on my forehead. I hired an attorney and fired him after less than two days because I did not like his attitude. I called Attorney Greenberg who came out to my house to talk to me. His concern for my well-being in that first meeting and throughout the case made it clear that I had hired the right lawyer. He carefully put together my case and was able to get an excellent settlement without having to go to trial. After my second accident which was not as bad, I again hired Attorney Greenberg to represent me. Even though it was not a large case he worked as hard for me on that case as he did on the first case. Over the years I have called Attorney Greenberg about other legal issues and he is always helpful about answering my questions. I would recommend Attorney Greenberg to anyone who needs a good lawyer.


~ Shaun E.

One day my mother and I were in my car and I was driving along when another car suddenly made a left turn right in front of me causing a really bad crash. Although I did not have any broken bones, after the accident I ended up with substantial neck pain, low back pain and shoulder pain. I was also having really bad headaches. I decided I would need a lawyer to help me so I hired Attorney Greenberg shortly after the accident. Unfortunately I ended up seeing doctors and therapists for over a year and a half, and when I was finally released from treatment I was still having pain. During the time I was in treatment Attorney Greenberg called me regularly to find out how my treatment was going and he was always available to talk to me about my case when I called. After I was finished with treatment the insurance company made an offer to settle but Attorney Greenberg advised me not to accept it and to take the case to court because it was not nearly enough when you think about how much pain I endured. During the lawsuit Attorney Greenberg spent a lot of time with me and we discussed my case in detail. Thanks to the work that Attorney Greenberg put into my case, we finally got a healthy settlement from the insurance company at mediation. After I got my check I wrote a letter to Attorney Greenberg thanking him for all of his hard work. I spent a lot of time watching him work and it is clear to me that he practices law with integrity.


~ Christine C.

My 14 year old daughter and I were in a bad car accident where I was hit by a guy who ran a red light and didn’t have any insurance. After the accident I had pain in my neck, shoulder and arm, and also had lots of bruises on both of my legs which never totally went away. My daughter also had neck and shoulder pain and she had numbness in her fingers. Attorney Greenberg kept me updated on how things were going with our cases. He is very easy to talk to and was great about explaining things to me any time I called. He settled my case for the policy limits and also got a large settlement for my daughter so she will have money available for college when she is 18. If any of my friends or relatives would ever need an attorney I will definitely tell them to call Attorney Greenberg.


~ Lina G.

My wife and I were rear-ended in a car accident and both of us ended up in a lot of pain. My wife had headaches, neck pain, upper back pain and forearm pain. I had neck pain, upper back pain and shoulder pain. When I called Attorney Gary Greenberg’s office I was immediately transferred directly to him. He asked us to come into the office and he spent a considerable amount of time going over all of the facts of the accident and our injuries. Being a business owner myself, I know what it means to provide great service and I could tell right away that he was also of that mind set. My wife and I were in physical therapy for about six months after the accident, and during that time we didn’t have to deal with the insurance company. Attorney Greenberg handled everything and was able to get a settlement for the policy limits for both myself and my wife. He was also able to get additional money from our own insurance company. We were both completely and pleasantly surprised at the size of our checks. I recently referred my daughter and one of her friends to Attorney Greenberg after they were involved in a car accident, and will refer others in the future because I know that he will get results.


~ Colton W.


What To Expect When Working With The Law Offices of Gary Greenberg

When you need a Wisconsin injury lawyer who will provide you with sound legal counsel and representation custom-tailored to your case, look no further than Attorney Gary Greenberg. We’ve delivered successful claim resolutions for victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin as a whole.


Our personal injury law firm works with clients on a contingency fee basis. This means that you won’t have to pay us anything until we win a settlement for you. We understand that you have enough expenses and troubles to contend with after an accident—you don’t need attorney fees to make things even more difficult.


With that in mind, if we don’t win you a financial award for your accident, you won’t pay us anything. This means that there’s no risk that you’ll be left with a large legal bill with no way to pay for it.


And when you first come in to speak with us about your case, the initial consultation is free and carries no obligation. You’ll be able to receive an honest evaluation from an experienced Milwaukee personal injury lawyer completely free of charge!


The consultation is completely confidential, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by coming in and finding out how we can help you get the monetary compensation you deserve.


What Attorneys Say About Us

I've had the pleasure of knowing Attorney Gary Greenberg personally and professionally for over 30 years. As a trial attorney over that same period of time, I’ve referred numerous personal injury and other clients to Gary (including family members and close friends) and will continue to do so based on the excellent results he obtained on their cases. Gary is trustworthy, dedicated and principled, and has the highest level of respect and concern for his clients, handling every case personally and conscientiously. Not only does Gary have outstanding legal negotiation skills, he also is an exceptional trial attorney who is not intimidated by insurance companies, and a tireless champion of the rights of his clients.


~ Robert Hornik | Attorney

For the past thirty years, as an attorney primarily practicing family law, I have unhesitatingly referred family members and many clients with personal injury matters to Attorney Greenberg for representation. I am impressed by his honesty, diligence and thorough case preparation. He is known as a vigorous advocate and brings to bear on each client's behalf his thirty-plus years of experience as a personal injury attorney. Gary's personal work ethic, legal expertise and ``straight talk`` have earned him an excellent reputation with his many past and present clients and the legal community.


~ Tom Kuehl | Attorney

I have known Gary Greenberg since we met in law school. I also had the good fortune of working with Gary in the same law firm early in our careers. He has always had a passion to fight for the rights of injured people against large insurance companies. He is a strong and skillful courtroom advocate, meticulous as to detail and preparation, with an impressive record of success handling car accident and personal injury cases. I do not hesitate to call Gary when I need to consult about a personal injury matter or civil litigation. He has always been there to help. I wholeheartedly endorse Gary Greenberg.


~ Pat Earle | Attorney

I have known Gary Greenberg for many years. He is a dedicated professional who goes the extra mile to take care of his clients. I am aware that he will meet with clients at their home or at the hospital even after regular business hours or on weekends. He has a reputation for expertly and aggressively representing his clients against the insurance companies. I would recommend him to friends or family without hesitation.


~ Daniel Shapiro | Attorney

My two teenage daughters and I were involved in a car accident where another driver went through a stop sign and slammed into our car pushing it into a line of trees. Both of my daughters had cuts and scratches from the accident that caused visible scars. During the time Attorney Greenberg was working on our cases he kept in touch with me so I knew exactly what was going on. When the time came to settle my daughter’s cases he got each of them a six figure settlement. I am very happy that I hired Attorney Greenberg to represent us because he got a great result without having to go to trial. I will highly recommend Attorney Greenberg to my friends and relatives.


~ Schwanna P | Attorney