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Do I Need a Lawyer for an Injury?

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Nothing is worse than suffering from an injury that wasn’t your fault. With various damages to worry about, you’ll need compensation to cover your losses. But, how do you know whether you need a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer and what are the benefits of contacting one? 

Luckily determining whether you need a lawyer for your injury can be an easy process. The following questions can help you decide. 

Do You Know Who Caused Your Injury And How? 

Before filing a personal injury claim, you must know who or what is responsible for your damages. Whether it’s one individual or a corporation, you must be sure about who is liable for your losses. Otherwise, you don’t have a claim. 

You should also be able to prove how they caused your accident. You can not file an injury claim against someone without proof of how the other party is responsible for your damages. Naturally, this is where evidence such as witness statements and medical reports can be useful.

If you’re unsure of the cause of your injury or who is responsible, reaching out to a lawyer can help.

Do You Know How to Gather Evidence? 

If you’re unfamiliar with gathering evidence, then you can contact a lawyer who can guide you through this process. Although most evidence is easily obtainable, you may not know whom to speak with or where to gather your documents.

When you reach out to a lawyer, you can gain valuable information about where and when to gather your evidence. Never forget that you need evidence to have a successful injury claim.

Can You Receive Compensation for Your Damages?

Before reaching out to an injury lawyer, you should make sure you have damages that are worthy of filing a claim. Sadly, not all injuries are eligible for injury claims. For example, having a minor scratch on your hand from your injury is probably not worth the time and effort of a personal injury claim.

Generally speaking, your damages should negatively impact your way of life. Of course, it’s easier to file injury claims for significant injuries, such as broken bones and lacerations. If substantial injuries such as lacerations disrupt your emotional health, then you can file a claim seeking compensation for these additional damages, too.

With severe injuries such as a traumatic brain injury, you may also miss work and experience lost wages. Lost wages can naturally hamper your way of life and disrupt your financial situation. You may also have medical bills relating to your injury that are draining your resources, as well.

If the damages relating to your injuries are similar to the ones above, you may want to contact a lawyer who can help you prepare for and file an injury claim.

What Can An Milwaukee Injury Lawyer Do For You?

Because injury lawyers can have years of experience dealing with cases similar to yours, they can use this experience to help fight for your compensation. From representing you in court to speaking with insurance companies, an injury lawyer can reduce the number of responsibilities you have when filing your injury claim. 

Reach Out to a Milwaukee Injury Attorney

Are you still unsure whether reaching out to a lawyer is the right move for you? Calling the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg at 414-271-7007 can help you make the decision that’s best for you. During a free consultation, we’ll examine the details of your case and lay out your options for you. Ready? Call or contact us by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.