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Can I Sue for a Minor Injury in Wisconsin?

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Minor injuries may not come with life-threatening consequences, but they still have the potential to impact your way of life. Sometimes the emotional distress caused by an injury is far worse than the physical aspect. If someone else is responsible for your minor injuries, you can still sue for other damages related to your injury

For instance, emotional trauma can lead to a variety of other damages, such as therapy costs and lost wages from missed work. Remember, the careless actions of someone else can impact you in both economic and emotional ways. The following are two examples of nonphysical damages you can obtain compensation for in Wisconsin. 

Compensation for Emotional Distress

Did a co-worker play a “harmless” prank that resulted in you having a few scratches on your arm? While the joke itself didn’t cause you any severe harm, the loud noise combined with being awoken from your sleep may have caused you to experience a panic attack. 

Although you weren’t hurt physically, you’re still thinking about the prank weeks after it happened. Now you’re unable to sleep at night; you’ve become emotionally distant from your friends and family. Eventually, you visit a therapist, who determines that the prank subconsciously reminded you of childhood trauma, and now you’re emotionally distressed because of it.

As you can see from the example above, even a relatively minor injury can have a significant impact on your lifestyle. Because our mental health determines our outlook on life, it’s just as vital as our physical health. For this reason, you can build a convincing injury case against people who damage your emotional health. 

Suing for Lost Wages

Depending on the traumatizing nature of your minor injury, you may be unable to attend work. The hours you miss because of your emotional damage could risk your financial stability. If your workplace doesn’t understand your condition, you may even risk losing your job because of your emotional distress.

However, you deserve compensation for any amount of income you miss because of your minor injury. Although the other party may want to dismiss your damages because of their lesser impact on your body, you must paint a picture of how your minor injuries led to your being unable to work. 

Building Your Case with a Minor Injury

It’s arguably more difficult to obtain compensation with a minor injury claim case. Because the other party will attempt to discredit your damages, you will have to build a convincing argument. Showing your minor injury will more than likely not be enough to obtain a fair settlement. 

You may have to build a picture of your emotional pain and suffering, along with how you lost wages or other financial assets because of your physical and emotional trauma. 

One way of obtaining evidence that your minor injury interfered with your happiness is by attending therapy. Not only will therapy help you cope with your emotional trauma, but it can serve as evidence that you were emotionally distraught after your minor injury. 

Contact a Wisconsin Injury Attorney

Do not make the mistake of assuming your minor injury isn’t worthy of compensation. The Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg feature injury attorneys who can help you look into forming a strong case against the at-fault party. 

Reach out to one of our injury lawyers by calling 414-271-7007. You can also fill out the online contact form below.