Milwaukee Hotel Injury Lawyer

Did the negligence of a hotel staff result in severe injuries for you? Reach out to a Milwaukee hotel injury attorney to learn how you can hold the liable party accountable for your losses.

Hotels are supposed to represent security, safety, and convenience. When you’re visiting relatives or going on vacation, hotels offer safe and relaxing experiences. Whether you’re staying at a fancy resort or a budget hotel, you deserve to feel comfortable during your stay.

But, what happens when you’re injured while staying at a hotel? How do you receive compensation if the hotel where you’re staying is responsible for your damages? What are some ways you can prove that the hotel was responsible for your losses?

These are all valid questions, and you deserve to have the answers. Reach out to a Milwaukee hotel injury lawyer for answers and for help filing a Milwaukee personal injury claim.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Milwaukee Hotel?

Hotels have specific guidelines and rules they must follow to stay open. For instance, it’s the responsibility of a hotel to perform regular maintenance on all elevators, stairs, lights, and more. Hotels have a responsibility to ensure the building itself remains stable and updated to support guests.

Hotels must also warn guests of any potential hazards and take care of them in a reasonable amount of time. Leaving hazards such as spilled water in an area for too long increases the chances of someone experiencing a slip-and-fall injury. For this reason, it’s always the responsibility of a hotel to take care of hazards such as these.

Hotels should also make sure their premises are secure and don’t invite any unwanted or dangerous individuals. For example, your hotel room and windows should have locks. Any public entrances should be lockable. Without security in place, you can or may have already experienced harm from an outside party.

When a hotel fails to live up the standards above, they can be liable for your damages. However, proving negligence against a business or corporation is never an easy task. Of course, a hotel will attempt to deny your claims and shift blame onto you. A trusted and knowledgeable Milwaukee hotel injury attorney can be by your side throughout the entire claims process.

Recovering Damages in a Milwaukee Hotel Injury

If you experience physical, emotional, or even property damage as a result of your hotel injury, this could greatly impact your way of life. Pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and more can result from

a hotel injury. Although filing a claim against a Milwaukee hotel can help you recover from your damages, comparative negligence can impact your case.

Wisconsin practices comparative negligence, which compares the negligence of each party in an injury claim. Your potential compensation depends on how accountable you are for your hotel injury.

If you’re less at fault then the hotel for your injury, then you can still obtain compensation for your damages. However, if you’re held 10 percent responsible for your losses, then your compensation will be reduced by that amount. Of course, this isn’t an issue if the hotel is entirely responsible for your damages, but you should still be aware of comparative negligence and how it can affect your case.

Consult a Milwaukee Hotel Injury Attorney

The team at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg understands how frustrating it is for you to sustain an injury while vacationing at a hotel. Paying money to an establishment only for them to betray your trust can be upsetting. However, reaching out to a Milwaukee hotel injury lawyer can get you on the path to recovery quickly.

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