Milwaukee Car Accident Spine Injury Lawyer

Motor vehicle accidents frequently result in spinal damage that can leave victims paralyzed and unable to fully recover. To find out if you can get compensated for your back injury, speak with a Milwaukee car accident spine injury lawyer.

Back injuries of any kind are painful, persistent, and potentially serious, and when one is caused by an auto wreck, the likelihood of serious spinal damage is increased. Spine injuries can cause problems that may plague you for the remainder of your life, so holding the at-fault party financially accountable will be important to paying for your recovery.

If this is your situation,  a Milwaukee car accident spine injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Gary Greenberg can help you determine how strong your case is and how best to pursue your compensation.

The Negative Consequences of Auto Wreck Back Injuries

Spinal injuries can be some of the most consequential, both physically and financially. These wounds are much more devastating when they also damage the spinal cord.

Extensive surgeries and physical therapy can often be an ongoing expense that may last for the rest of your life. You could suffer from paralysis that extends to full quadriplegia, leaving you wheelchair-bound. Sometimes full paralysis is avoided, but limited physical control and nerve issues remain. Your attorney will work closely with your doctors and rehabilitation specialists to determine the extent, potential duration, and full cost of your injuries.

Damages for a Spinal Injury

You deserve to live your life to the fullest extent possible, so filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault party is essential. You can claim damages for any of the following that apply to your traffic collision or back injury:

  • Any immediate or long-term medical expenses, such as recurrent surgeries, physical rehabilitation, in-home medical devices, mobility equipment, and medications
  • Lost income caused by your spinal injury and any diminished earning potential
  • Disability accommodations for your vehicles, home, and workspace
  • Pain and suffering from the physical trauma
  • Emotional distress from the ongoing conditions that change the way you live your daily life
  • Loss of consortium, society, or companionship applies to a reduced ability to interact with and express love for your family and friends

Auto Insurance and Its Limitations

Throughout the process of your recovery, you will most likely have to deal with at least one insurance company. These corporations would like nothing better than to pay you the bare minimum—anything to help their bottom line. Getting your claim initiated quickly will encourage negotiations to proceed more honestly, as we’ll be able to collect the best evidence and witness testimony while it’s still fresh and readily available.

You should also be aware of the three-year statute of limitations for personal injuries. Our office will be able to explain in detail all of the complexities of dealing with and overcoming these obstacles.

Contact a Milwaukee Car Accident Back Injury Lawyer

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle crash and suffered damage to your vertebrae or spinal cord, professional legal counsel can help you get the settlement you need. Visit a Milwaukee car accident spine injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Gary Greenberg to discuss your case and how to get the most compensation possible.

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