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How Distracted Driving Leads to Lawsuits

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Distracted driving has become a major concern for safety officials and drivers who take caution on the road. You don’t want to be hit by a careless driver, of course, but it’s a sad reality for many drivers on a daily basis.

Fortunately, distracted driving can lead to a lawsuit. This suit gives you the chance to recover compensation after someone else has taken away your financial, mental, and emotional comfort. When someone leaves you injured and suffering, you’ll need a lawyer on your side to help. They’ll have the tools you need to take your claim from distracted driving incident to lawsuit.

Another Driver Hit You

When other drivers are distracted, there’s a stronger chance that you’ll be injured in a car accident. Many of us might have considered checking our phones, for example, or adjusting the GPS, but actually doing so is dangerous.

If their attention is off the road, their reaction time and awareness are diminished. They’re not giving other drivers the attention they deserve, and that can be dangerous or even deadly. More accidents are caused by distracted driving every day, leaving other drivers on the road to take extra precautions or suffer because of that decision.

For example, let’s say another driver is talking on the phone while they’re driving. They’re focused on what the other person is saying, and they overlook a stop sign. They T-bone you, leaving you with devastating injuries because of their negligence.

Negligence Laws and Your Claim

That negligence will be the basis of your lawsuit. Whether we’re behind the wheel, running a store, or walking our dogs, we’re responsible for avoiding harming other people. While you’re not responsible when an unexpected accident happens, you are expected to take reasonable steps to avoid harming others.

Unfortunately, distracted drivers are not following through with that duty. Instead, they’re causing conditions to be unnecessarily dangerous. When they do that, you and others can be badly injured by their negligence. In some extreme cases, that negligence may even be serious enough to warrant punitive damages, or damages meant to punish the wrongdoer.

If you were doing what you could to avoid an accident, you may be entitled to the full compensation required for your recovery. All drivers should do their part to make the roads safer, so when someone doesn’t follow through, you shouldn’t have to suffer for their mistakes.

Speak to a Lawyer about Your Claim

When you’ve been injured by distracted driving, it can lead to lawsuits quickly. To recover from your damages and get the compensation you’re owed, you’ll need to fight back against the distracted driver and get the help you need.

Reach out today by setting up your free consultation. At The Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg, we’ll speak to you before you sign anything so you know what to expect and how we can help you recover. You should know what to expect before you pay, so we’ll answer your questions about distracted driving and your claim.

When you’re ready to get started, learn more about how distracted driving leads to lawsuits by contacting our firm. Reach out by calling 414-271-7007 or by filling out the online form below.