Milwaukee T-Bone Accident Lawyer

Getting T-boned can leave you suffering from multiple injuries and dealing with serious damage to your vehicle. Get a full settlement to cover your damages by working with a Milwaukee T-bone accident lawyer.

You’ve probably heard the term “T-bone” used before to describe a motor vehicle accident. This is when another vehicle drives directly into the side of your car. While this definition is simple, the accident and aftermath are anything but.

A side-impact collision of this nature can lead to significant vehicle damage and leave you with bruises, scrapes, broken limbs, and worse. What follows is a slew of medical visits, missed work, and general decrease in the quality of life.

If the accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be responsible for all of the costs that result. When you hire a Milwaukee T-bone accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg, you don’t have to worry about that. Your lawyer will fight for you against the insurance companies and get you the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Companies and Your Side-Impact Collision

Contrary to popular belief, the insurance companies are not on your side after an accident. This includes your own carrier. Insurance companies care about one thing and one thing only: money.

They want to settle quickly and for as little money as possible. And while their offer might seem good to you at the time, it’s likely that any initial offer they make will leave you frustrated and undercompensated.

This is definitely one huge benefit of hiring an attorney. No one wants to fight the insurance companies alone. They know all the tricks and loopholes that normal citizens aren’t aware of. This is where your lawyer comes in to negotiate on your behalf and get around their tricks. Once that’s done, you can move on to collecting compensation.

Assessing the Value of a T-Bone Accident

The first question most people have in this type of situation is “how much compensation am I eligible for?” Unfortunately, there is no cookie-cutter answer because there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter accident. There are simply too many factors to be taken into consideration to give an answer without first reviewing all of the facts.

That being said, there are certain expenses and losses you can expect to be covered in your claim:

  • Medical Expenses – This includes both present and future bills
  • Lost Wages – Including the income you’re missing from work during your recovery and estimated reduced future earning potential
  • Pain and Suffering – Whether it’s physical or emotional, you deserve to be compensated
  • Property Damage – Repair or replacement of personal property
  • Therapy Expenses – Rehab or physical therapy, if necessary

To get the best idea about how much money you might be eligible to receive, contact a Milwaukee T-bone accident lawyer from our office today.

Speak with a Milwaukee Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

Any car crash can leave you with more bills and frustration than you can handle, not to mention the physical ramifications. In the instance of a side-impact collision, you might be left with more questions than answers if you attempt to handle everything on your own.

Hiring a lawyer is your best chance to successfully take on the insurance companies and get the full compensation you deserve. What’s even better is that you don’t have to handle the communication with the insurance companies yourself.

Contact a Milwaukee T-bone accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg today by completing the form below or by giving us a call at 414-271-7007.