Brookfield Truck Accident Lawyer

Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers dwarf other vehicles on Brookfield roads, and when they crash, they cause catastrophic damage. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, a Brookfield injury lawyer can help you.

When you share the road with an 18-wheeler or semi-truck, you immediately understand how intimidating it can be to ride alongside these vehicles. These large, powerful machines have the potential to cause serious harm to civilian drivers when they are involved in accidents.

If you are struck by an 18-wheeler or semi-truck, though, all hope is not lost. In the state of Wisconsin, laws are in place to protect drivers like you. By filing a successful injury claim, you can recover the financial compensation you need to manage any injuries, property damage, or other damages and get your life back on track.

But to do so successfully, you may need the help of a Brookfield truck accident lawyer. The team of legal professionals at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg is here to offer you our help.

Semi-Trucks and the Injuries They Cause

Those who have been hit by an 18-wheeler or semi-truck in Brookfield often face severe injuries. When these commercial trucks are put up against the size and weight of the typical civilian vehicle, the inequality of powers leads to drastic damages for the civilian driver.

It is these civilian drivers who often require intensive medical care and compensation. But to get the benefits you need to treat your injuries effectively, your Brookfield semi-truck accident lawyer will first need to prove the true extent of your damages.

Some common injuries suffered by those who have been hit by 18-wheelers or semi-trucks include the following:

  • Lost limbs
  • Broken bones
  • Sensory damage, including loss of vision, loss of sensation, and loss of hearing
  • Being completely or partially paralyzed
  • Suffering head injuries, such as memory loss, concussions, or reductions in cognitive function
  • Spine and neck injuries
  • Road rash
  • Scarring and disfigurement

Cause and Fault in Brookfield Truck Accidents

Another crucial point your Brookfield 18-wheeler accident lawyer will need to prove is liability for your collision and how the crash occurred. Truck accident cases are slightly different from other automotive crashes because multiple parties within the trucking industry may be held liable when the case is brought to court.

Determining the cause of the accident will help pinpoint who the liable party might be and further prove your eligibility for full and fair compensation for all the hardships you now face.

Some common causes of Brookfield truck accidents include the following:

  • Driver Fatigue – Truckers drive long hours, and sometimes their employers even encourage them to drive longer than federal regulations allow. Both the trucker and the trucking company could be at fault for a truck crash caused by drowsy driving.
  • Driving While Distracted – This might include texting while the trucker is behind the wheel, as well as eating or drinking and other distracting activities. The trucker would be to blame in this scenario.
  • Improper Driver Training – Eager to get goods moving from one end of the country to the other, trucking companies sometimes don’t properly train new drivers before sending them out on the road. They can be held accountable when that lack of training causes a truck accident in Brookfield.
  • Unsafe Driving Conditions – Road hazards are particularly dangerous for large trucks because they require more time than the average vehicle to stop or turn sharply. If the government agency responsible for maintaining safe roads failed to do so, and that caused the truck that injured you to crash, you might be able to name the negligent agency in your claim.
  • Truck Part Malfunctions – Manufacturers of defective truck parts can be held financially accountable when their product causes a semi-truck or 18-wheeler crash.

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