Wauwatosa Personal Injury Lawyer

When you seek compensation for an injury that wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be treated like an annoyance. A Wauwatosa injury lawyer will make sure your right to file a claim is respected and do everything possible to get you the compensation you need to recover.

Managing the financial repercussions of an injury that wasn’t your fault shouldn’t be your responsibility. Unfortunately, the negligent party is likely to try to avoid the blame and keep you from getting the compensation you need to fully recover.

That’s why the team at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg helps accident victims like you file successful claims for compensation. We know how hard the process can be without legal help, and you should know that, when you team up with a Wauwatosa personal injury lawyer, you’re one big step closer to getting your life back.

Examples of Serious Injury Cases

Because Wisconsin personal injury law is so extensive, it’s helpful for both you and your Wauwatosa injury lawyer to identify the category your particular case falls into. This will help your attorney effectively build your claim and figure out which pieces of evidence will be necessary to prove your damages.

Some types of personal injury cases include the following:

  • On-the-Job Accidents – When you’re injured at work, you can file a claim for workers compensation benefits to cover medical bills and lost wages; in most cases, you can’t sue your employer. However, if a party other than your employer caused your workplace injury, you may be able to pursue additional compensation from the third party.
  • Traffic Accidents – Car accidents make up the bulk of Wauwatosa personal injury claims. These incidents are often brought about by a reckless driver or poor road conditions. Road accidents can also include truck and motorcycle crashes.
  • Premises Liability – Before they can allow anyone onto their grounds, property owners need to ensure that the area is in safe condition. Premises liability cases can involve anything from falling down a flight of stairs to being bitten by a dog.

Hiring a Lawyer Is Crucial

To recover the necessary compensation for your injuries, it’s important to have a qualified legal ally. Those who don’t have experience in personal injury law could find themselves being denied compensation altogether.

The following are some reasons you need to hire a Wauwatosa injury attorney for your claim:

  • Timelines – When it comes to personal injury claims, time is of the essence. In Wisconsin, a statute of limitations governs how long you have to file a claim. If you miss this deadline, you won’t able to receive compensation. Your attorney will ensure you file on time.
  • Filing Errors – Simple paperwork mistakes during the filing process can cost you your compensation. Your Wauwatosa accident injury lawyer will ensure everything is error-free.
  • Negotiations – You need knowledge and experience to successfully negotiate your settlement. Our lawyers have had years of experience with personal injury cases like yours.

Speak with a Wauwatosa Injury Lawyer

Don’t hesitate to ask for legal help getting the compensation you need. When your financial future is on the line, you’re going to want all the help you can get.

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