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Unusual Factors That Can Impact Your Injury Claim

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Personal injury cases are the government’s approved solution for seeking justice following a negligence-based incident that resulted in harm to a person or persons. But no two claims are exactly alike, and unusual circumstances can impact your injury claim and the compensation you’ll receive.

These specific factors can make a big difference in your claim. Talk with a lawyer about avoiding factors that could hurt your future when filing a personal injury claim in Wisconsin.

Promptness of Medical Evaluation

Naturally, the severity of your injury can impact the overall settlement you can expect to receive in a personal injury claim. A broken back is bound to impact your life more heavily than say, a fractured finger.

But did you know that your claim can also be affected by how quickly you sought medical attention following your incident? The longer you wait to seek medical attention following your accident, the more room you leave for the other party’s legal representation to make the argument that your injuries weren’t caused by the incident.

Disruptions in Financial Stability and Quality of Life

An unexpected injury can be a huge disruptor in a person’s daily life. The severity of the injury directly impacts the severity of the disruption.

If, for example, you have suffered a spinal injury following a collision with a drunk driver, your ability to function as you normally would have been greatly altered. You may need to purchase new mobility devices that you previously had no need for, such as a wheelchair, which can be expensive even with good insurance.

You will need to take extended time off work, causing you to lose wages. Depending on your job and your prognosis, you may be unable to work in the same field again following your car accident.

Because your quality of life and financial stability has been greatly impacted, you can expect a higher settlement than someone who has broken their ankle but is expected to fully recover within a set window of time. More complex or unusual factors mean you’ll be facing more complications in your claim.

News Coverage

Depending on the type of incident that occurred, news outlets may take an interest in your story. If, for example, you suffered a workplace injury during product testing for a highly publicized new commodity, the papers may be interested in interviewing you about the incident and how it has affected your life.

The newsworthiness of your case can impact the settlement you expect to receive. The more eyes that are on your case as it proceeds, the more pressure is on all involved parties to save face.

If you are injured due to the negligence of a large corporation and it is highly publicized, your case may be under more scrutiny. Talk about your options for privacy and protecting your claim with an attorney.

Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case

If you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury and are unsure how you want to proceed, make sure you have all the facts. You may need a lawyer who’s ready to take on your claim no matter how unusual the factors impacting your injury claim are.

The professional, compassionate attorneys at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg are ready to connect with you and ensure that you are able to fully explore your options before proceeding. When you’re ready to speak with a lawyer during a free consultation, call 414-271-7007 to see what the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg can do for you.