Milwaukee Truck Accident Broken Bone Lawyer

Truck accidents are notorious for causing severe, sometimes fatal injuries, and a broken bone can add to the pain and suffering you may be experiencing after your accident. If you have suffered a broken bone after a truck accident, you know how difficult it can be to recover.

Fortunately, a Milwaukee truck accident broken bone lawyer is here to
help. We’re ready to fight for the maximum compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys understand your situation and can guide you through the complicated world of truck accident claims.

Broken Bones Are Severe Injuries

While many people experience a broken bone at some point, these injuries are no less serious just because they’re common. A broken bone can make your life difficult, which makes the personal injury claim process that much more difficult.

When you’re preparing your claim, understand what damages a broken bone can bring. The following is just a sample of what you can expect in your Milwaukee truck crash broken bone claim:

  • Pain – A bone fracture can cause severe pain, which may make it difficult to continue with your daily life.
  • Immobility – In addition to necessitating a cast or bed rest, your broken bone may make it difficult to move, which can affect how you work or prevent you from working at all.
  • Surgeries – For severe breaks, you may need pins, plates, or nails to keep the bone in place for proper healing. These can be expensive, adding to your mounting bills.

How Wisconsin Law Will Affect Your Claim

When you’re preparing your case, you should also consider how state laws might help or hurt you, as well as what the defendant may use against you.

For example, getting the right defendant in your Milwaukee truck accident case is vital, and it may not be the trucker who hit you. Under respondeat superior, employers are responsible for the actions of their employees while they’re acting as employees, so if a truck driver acted recklessly and injured you, his or her employer may be the one responsible.

The defendant, unfortunately, may try to pin part of the blame on you. While the semi-truck driver may have been found at fault, he or she can claim that you were negligent and partly responsible.

Under comparative negligence laws, the court will decide whether you were partially at fault, and the percentage of the blame you hold will be removed from your compensation. This could be detrimental to your compensation, but having an attorney on your side can make a huge difference.

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