Milwaukee Speeding Truck Accident Lawyer

Speeding is a common cause of accidents. Many people are in a rush to get home or to work, or they simply aren’t paying attention to how fast they’re going. Sadly, 30 percent of accident fatalities in Wisconsin are caused by speeding. And when the person speeding is in a commercial truck, the risk of a fatality only climbs higher.

Semi-trucks can be dangerous, and the truck driver owes other drivers a duty of care. When that duty is not met and the trucker endangers other drivers, this could mean devastating losses for you, even though you were not at fault. At the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg, we’re here to get you justice for your case. Call a Milwaukee speeding truck accident lawyer at our office today.

The Value of Your Losses

A speeding truck can destroy property and cause violent, fatal accidents. Trucks often weigh many times the weight of a personal vehicle, and when you add speed to the mix, the results are lethal. You can expect to see severe financial, physical, and mental hardships if you’re the victim of a speeding truck accident in Milwaukee.

Fortunately, we can help you assign an appropriate value to your claim. That way, you’re certain to include all your losses after the accident, such as the following:

  • Medical Expenses – You might have suffered brain injuries, spinal injuries, broken bones, or even amputations or other more permanent injuries. At high speeds, a seat belt and airbag may not be enough to protect you from severe physical losses.
  • Loss of a Loved One – Unfortunately, high-speed truck crashes are often fatal. If you lost a loved one, you may be entitled wrongful death compensation.
  • Lost Wages – After your accident, you may be temporarily or permanently disabled. In this case, you should include your lost earnings, as well as potential future earnings lost because of your injuries.

Determining Cause and Fault in Your Milwaukee Semi-Truck Accident

The defendant, unfortunately, might not be interested in fairly and fully compensating you. You can expect plenty of pushback as you pursue compensation.

Whether or not the trucker was speeding must first be established. The trucker may claim he or she was not speeding. Luckily, our firm has the tools and experience you need to prove that your Milwaukee truck crash was, in fact, the result of speeding.

The defense may also say you were actually the negligent party. While the trucker might have been found at fault, Wisconsin recognizes “comparative negligence,” which can puts part of the blame multiple parties, including you. For example, if you were also speeding, you might be found 20 percent responsible for your truck accident and lose a corresponding 20 percent of your compensation award.

Meet with a Milwaukee Speeding Truck Accident Attorney

Getting the compensation you deserve isn’t always easy, but with a Milwaukee speeding truck accident lawyer on your side, you can expect the compensation you need to move forward. If you’re interested in a free consultation, we’d love to discuss your case. Simply give the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg a call at 414-271-7007 or fill out our online contact form below.