Milwaukee Taxi Accident Lawyer

Taxicab wrecks can be substantially more complicated than other motor vehicle collisions. Find out how best to proceed with your claim by consulting with a Milwaukee taxi accident lawyer.

While many people feel safe catching a cab, taxi drivers are every bit as likely to get into a car crash as any other driver. Unfortunately, it can be harder to get fairly compensated when you’ve been injured in one of these collisions because there’s a larger number of potentially at-fault parties—none of whom are going to be interested in accepting blame.

A Milwaukee taxi accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Gary Greenberg can help you untangle the confusion surrounding your crash, thereby allowing you to proceed with your personal injury claim and get the settlement that you deserve.

Fault Is Complicated in Cab Crashes

Compared to privately owned passenger cars and motorcycles, the average taxicab will have several different entities involved in its maintenance and operation. Any one of these parties might have been at fault for your accident, or even some combination of them. It might even be that an outside third party contributed to causing the wreck.

It’s important to investigate and identify all of the at-fault parties so that you can name them all in your demand for compensation. By including them all in your lawsuit, you’ll then be able to maximize the financial settlement that you receive.

Listed below are a few of the entities that may have played a role in causing your wreck. The potential fault of each will need to be considered by your Milwaukee taxi accident lawyer:

  • The cab driver
  • The taxi company
  • An outside maintenance company
  • The manufacturer of the taxi’s parts or tires if a defective part was involved
  • A government agency if a dangerous road contributed to the crash
  • The driver of another vehicle involved in the collision

Monetary Compensation for a Taxicab Wreck

Getting a fair settlement is nearly always the most difficult part of any personal injury claim—even when it’s blatantly obvious who was at fault. This is largely because your payout will probably come from an insurance company, and their goal will inevitably be to settle your case quickly and cheaply.

Your Milwaukee taxi accident lawyer can help you negotiate a settlement on even footing with the insurer. We won’t be satisfied until they produce an offer that will cover all of your financial expenses and non-economic damages.

Your compensation will need to take into account your current and future medical bills, lost income, property damage, and any special equipment or home modifications required because of your injuries. Likewise, the damage done to your quality of life will also need to be factored in, such as your pain and suffering, emotional distress, and lost enjoyment of life.

Contact a Milwaukee Cab Crash Attorney

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