What to Expect In Court For A Personal Injury Claim

When you file a claim in court for a personal injury, it’s important to be prepared before your court date. A personal injury lawyer can help you build your case and calculate claims based on the gravity of the personal injury inflicted, how long it will take to heal, and how the injury will impact your life in the future. 

Your lawyer will also walk you through what you can expect when your case gets to court. Talk to the team at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg so you know what to expect from your case. 

Settling Your Claim

It’s often more convenient and less expensive for the parties concerned to settle a personal injury claim out of court. The process can take much less time, be less contentious, and cost less overall travel and other expenses incidental to pursuing a court case. 

However, reaching a settlement that is satisfactory to both parties is not always possible. The at-fault party may try to lowball your settlement, or your insurance company may refuse to cooperate. If this happens, the next option is to file the case in court.

Case Discharge

If you are the plaintiff in personal injury litigation, the likelihood of your receiving monetary compensation is dependent on a range of factors. Among these factors are the jurisdiction where your injury case is filed, the relevant circumstances underlying the lawsuit, and the strength of your case.

There are, however, several instances in which personal injury claims are dismissed for lack of sufficient evidence from the plaintiff. 

In a discharge, the defendant may not be found in the right, but they also may not be required to cover the costs of your injuries and other damages. That leaves you paying out of pocket for your expenses and suffering. 

Not every personal injury case results in damages being awarded or paid. That’s especially true without a lawyer—reach out for help if you’re concerned about your claim being dismissed without compensation for you. 

Lawsuit Victory

While there are ups and downs in the lawsuit process, nothing is more appealing than a case won and compensation acquired. So what happens when you win a lawsuit? 

In the case of monetary judgment, the defendant will be ordered to pay you the compensation ordered by the judge. Some defendants readily comply, while others refuse or are unable to pay the compensation. You may have to find other legal means to force them to do so. 

Once you’re compensated, you’ll pay out a percentage of your compensation for your lawsuit expenses. This contingency fee is set before you agree to work with a lawyer, so you know what to expect from your legal counsel. 

Seek Guidance for Your Personal Injury Claim

When you don’t know what to expect or how to prepare for the unexpected in a lawsuit, get in touch with our team of lawyers at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg. We have knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyers who can guide and prepare you for your court case. 

We handle the personal injury claims procedure with a thorough understanding of civil tort law to ensure that our clients get the total compensation they are entitled to under the law. Get in touch with us now. Dial 414-271-7007 and schedule a consultation.