What Damages Can I Seek in a Wrongful Death Claim?

Losing a loved one can devastate you emotionally and financially. Many families find themselves overwhelmed by the costs of their losses and struggle to acquire compensation to make a full recovery. 

Your personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg has the tools you need to calculate the value of your claim. If you’re struggling to get compensated after such a serious loss, reach out for help and guidance during such a traumatic time in your life. 

Economic Damages 

After losing a family member, the expenses for your loss may already be piling up. You’re left picking up the costs of their final expenses. The compensation awarded due to the fatal accident is called damages, and you may need a lawyer’s help to determine what you’re owed. 

Let’s say your loved one was killed in a car accident. The costs of their final medical care and car repairs may be your responsibility, first. You may also be responsible for the burial and funeral service, which can get costly quickly. These losses should be covered by the damages awarded.

But it’s not just about the expenses. If the deceased were the breadwinner for the household, you may also have lost your main source of income. This is another example of what needs to be addressed when pursuing a wrongful death claim. Your trusted lawyer will help you calculate and understand the full value of your economic losses.

Pain and Suffering 

Your suffering doesn’t begin and end with the financial costs of your claim. You may have also suffered intangible losses that impact your quality of life. These non-economic damages, like pain and suffering or loss of support, can be tough to seek because they don’t have the same value in every case. 

For example, you may have lost a spouse because of a fatal accident. You may have lost your life partner, all because someone else was careless. You may feel grief and suffering that impacts your ability to do things you once loved to do. You may need guidance from your lawyer to quantify these losses. 

Punitive Damages 

Not all damages are compensatory. Punitive damages aren’t based on the losses you’ve suffered. They’re instead meant to deter offenders from repeating harmful and reckless actions. 

But not every claim is eligible for these damages, and it can be difficult to seek them without a lawyer. For example, you’ll need to prove the at-fault party was acting dangerously at the time of the accident. 

Talk with Your Lawyer About Your Wrongful Death Claim 

When your family is suffering after the death of a loved one, you may need help recovering financially from the losses you’ve suffered. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to do this alone. You may have trouble determining who’s at fault for your claim and what you can do about your claim. 

At the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg, we understand that seeking damages for a wrongful death claim can be tough. Luckily, we have the tools and experience to help, starting with a free consultation. Get answers today when you call 414-271-7007 or fill out the online contact form below.