How Do I Recognize Nursing Home Abuse?

If you’re unable to give a loved one around-the-clock care, a nursing home could be an option for their care. Unfortunately, you may suspect the Milwaukee nursing home staff is abusing residents, including your loved one. So how do you recognize nursing home abuse?

If you’re concerned about proving your loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse, reach out for help from a lawyer at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg. We can help you determine whether abuse is happening and take steps to stop it.

Physical Signs of Abuse

When your loved one is physically abused by nursing home staff, you may first notice the abuse visually. Some forms of abuse leave marks, and those marks can help you prove your family member is being abused.

For example, if your loved one suffered physical abuse, you may notice bruises, scratch marks, and other injuries. Sexual abuse may also leave physical signs, like sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Signs of neglect may also be physical. Some of these may impact your loved one’s health, like painful bedsores. Other signs may include dirty clothes, unbrushed hair, or lost weight if they’re not being fed well.

Mental Suffering

Signs of abuse aren’t always physical, though. You may have noticed your loved one is withdrawn, fearful, or otherwise emotional in ways they weren’t previously. These may be signs of abuse, whether they’re responding to physical abuse or mental abuse caused by threats, gaslighting, and emotional manipulation.

If you notice a nursing home resident acting differently, speaking with them may provide some answers. If they’re afraid of staff members or feel threatened, they may be suffering from abuse and may be eligible for a Wisconsin nursing home abuse lawsuit.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse can be hard to spot unless you’re in control of your relative’s funds. Financial abuse includes stealing funds from residents, lying to them about their financial status, withholding money from them, and similar behavior.

One of the easiest ways to recognize financial abuse is to watch your family member’s accounts. If you notice money being taken out of their accounts that looks suspicious, you may need to speak with a nursing home abuse lawyer in Milwaukee.

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