Who Is at Fault for My Milwaukee Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents are the most dangerous types of roadside accidents you can experience. With your body exposed to the elements, you have limited options when it comes to protecting yourself from bodily harm. Regular compact cars have surrounding safety that protect drivers and passengers, unlike motorcycles.

When determining the cause of most motorcycle accidents, the usual suspects are always present; Negligent drivers who are focusing on their phones, radio, or anything else besides the road are the cause of many motorcycle accidents.

Other irresponsible drivers, such as drunk drivers, are the cause of many motorcycle accidents. Sometimes the road itself or other obstacles left unattended by the city are the culprits behind motorcycle accidents. Many factors could cause your motorcycle accident, and it’s crucial to recognize who’s at fault for your damages when seeking compensation.

Negligent Drivers

Negligent drivers threaten the lives of every motorcycle rider that shares the roadway with them. Because these drivers have their attention on something else other than the road, they may as well drive blindfolded. Within the split second that a driver takes their eyes off the roadway, they are liable to cause your motorcycle accident.

One of the most common actions that are liable to cause your motorcycle accident is cellphone use while driving. Drivers engaging in cellphone cause a staggering amount of motorcycle accidents and are highly accountable for your motorcycle accident.

For the same reason, drivers who fiddle with their radio, eat, or perform any other non-related driving actions are at-fault for your motorcycle accident.

The Government

Roadways require constant maintenance to remain safe for travel. Sometimes, potholes or large tree branches fall onto the road and pose severe threats to motorcycle riders such as yourself. Without having these obstacles removed from your pathway, you could easily experience a motorcycle accident because of how vulnerable motorcycles are to their environment. When your motorcycle accident is the result of certain road defects or construction equipment, the government may be liable for your damages.

However, to win compensation against the government, you’ll have to prove that the government was aware of the unsafe roadside conditions and failed to repair the situation within a reasonable amount of time.

Reaching out to a Milwaukee Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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