How Much Is My Milwaukee Motorcycle Accident Claim Worth?

When you’re hurt in a motorcycle crash, you need compensation to recover from your injuries and get back on the road. Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy to determine how much your Milwaukee motorcycle accident claim is worth. 

If you’re having trouble finding the monetary value of your damages, or the losses you’ve suffered because of the accident, reach out for help from an attorney from the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg. Your lawyer will have the tools you need to find your claim’s worth and hold the responsible party to account. Continue reading to learn more. 

Your Financial Losses

When you’re hurt while on a motorcycle, one of your first concerns may be your financial losses. Your motorcycle might be totaled, for example, and you might have suffered severe injuries. Many motorcyclists suffer from head trauma, spine injuries, and broken bones—even with protective gear, which means you might be high medical bills. 

Your motorcycle accident lawyer in Milwaukee can help you find the total value of your current expenses, and they can help you calculate your future losses. If you’re missing work, for instance, or you might need future surgeries to help repair the damage done. 

Calculating Non-Economic Damages

Not all your suffering is physical in most cases. Instead of focusing only on your economic losses, your Milwaukee motorcycle crash attorney should also focus on ensuring your non-financial losses are covered. These are the intangible losses you’ve suffered because of the accident, such as emotional distress

These damages can be tough to calculate because they don’t have a price tag attached, like your motorcycle repairs do. Instead of having a set amount, your lawyer will help you find the worth of your intangible suffering by calculating the severity of your injuries and the impact they’ve had on your life and well-being. 

Discuss Your Milwaukee Motorcycle Accident Claim with a Lawyer 

If you’ve been hurt in a Milwaukee motorcycle accident, calculating the value of your claim can feel nearly impossible. You’re struggling to recover from your injuries, and you’re not sure where to start with your intangible damages.

That’s where your attorney from the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg can step in. Your lawyer will have the resources you need to find what your claim is worth, not just what the liable party is willing to pay for your recovery. 

Get started with a free consultation before you file a claim or choose to work with us. Your attorney can be reached by calling 414-271-7007 or by visiting our website for more information.