Who’s at Fault for a Single-Car Accident?

When you’re struck by another driver, it may be pretty easy to identify the at-fault party. You may be certain that the other driver was responsible for your accident, and you’re ready to file a claim.

But a single-car accident may leave you stumped. Who’s responsible for your injuries? You were certain you didn’t cause your accident. But if you didn’t, who did? 

If you’re worried about proving fault for a single-car accident, reach out to a car accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg. We will investigate your accident and make sure the correct at-fault party is held liable. 

Why Do I Need to Identify the At-Fault Party? 

When you’re hurt in a car accident and want to seek damages for your injuries, you need to know who’s liable. The at-fault party is the one who can be held responsible for the injuries. Because of this, you’ll need to identify them with the help of your trusted lawyer. 

Wisconsin is a fault state for car insurance. That means the person who caused the accident is responsible for the costs of your injuries. Their insurance may pay for it, but you need to ensure you’re suing the right party. If not, you may have trouble getting the compensation you’re due. 

Road Hazards 

One common cause of single-car accidents is dangerous road conditions. In some cases, hard rain or other unexpected situation may happen, which may not be grounds for a lawsuit against another party. But what if the road itself is dangerous? 

For example, you may have been injured because the Wisconsin Department of Transportation failed to fix a pothole. You struck the pothole, lost control of your car, and crashed. In these cases, they may be held liable for your injuries and losses because they failed to make the roads safe.

Defective Car Parts 

In your case, the roads may have been fine. All you know is that your steering wheel locked up, or your brakes failed, or your airbag failed to deploy. All these defective parts can cause severe injuries, from whiplash to broken bones to internal organ damage

If you were hurt because of a defective car part, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Their failure to make a safe product led to your severe injuries, and you may be due compensation because of their actions. 

Connect with a Lawyer to Determine Fault 

When you’re hurt in a serious car accident, identifying the at-fault party is your first step. Before you file, you’ll need to know who to name as liable when filing, right? Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to identify the at-fault party. 

Luckily, a car accident attorney at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg will help you identify the person responsible for your injuries. Take advantage of a free consultation first—you can speak with a lawyer before you sign anything, so you know what to expect for your claim. Reach out by calling 414-271-7007 or by contacting us through the following online contact form.