Who Do I Sue After a Car Accident?

Were you recently involved in an auto collision? Are you considering your options for obtaining compensation from the liable party? If you are ready to move forward with a personal injury claim but aren’t sure how to determine who to sue after your car accident, see below or give us a call.

The Driver of the Other Vehicle

More often than not, the driver of the vehicle that struck you was driving in a way that put you and other travelers at risk for injury. Some instances of poor driving practices include drunk driving, drowsy driving, and aggressive driving.

Perhaps the most common reason behind another driver hitting you is distracted driving. This is when the driver is focused on anything other than the road, such as a cell phone, navigation system, beverage, radio station, or even a passenger.

Parts Manufacturers and Vehicle Technicians

The manufacturer of your vehicle has an obligation to ensure the safety of the vehicle. When the other driver was doing his or her part to drive safely and an accident still occurred, we may consider the possibility that a malfunctioning vehicle part caused the wreck.

For example, manufacturing company Takata was recently involved in a scandal for producing airbag inflators that exploded, causing shrapnel to fly through the interior of the vehicle. That meant serious injuries to passengers when the vehicle crashed. This corporation has since paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in restitution, and executives are facing jail time.

Additionally, technicians who provide care and maintenance to your vehicle can be held responsible for your damages if they knowingly installed faulty parts or failed to notify you that your vehicle had been recalled.

A Government Agency

Another entity that could have played a part in causing your crash is the government agency responsible for the upkeep of the road you crashed on. Government offices are responsible for maintaining the safety of the roads across Wisconsin. When a sizable pothole, missing street sign, or unsecured road construction zone causes you harm, we may be able to seek compensation from a government agency.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer

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