What Should I Tell the Insurance Company About My Car Accident?

Dealing with insurance companies after you’ve been in a car crash is fairly routine. But that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically know what to tell the insurance company about your car accident.

It’s normal to be confused and overwhelmed after you’ve been hit. However, to recover compensation for your collision, knowing what you should and should not say to insurers is crucial. The Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg offers the following helpful tips for speaking with the insurance company.

What You Shouldn’t Say

Insurance companies are known for making their bottom line their number one priority. As a result, they will be looking for any opportunity to avoid covering your damages.

Here are some things to avoid when speaking with insurers about your collision:

  • Giving Them An Official Statement About the Crash – Immediately after your accident, the insurance company will likely want to get an official, recorded statement from you regarding what happened. Tell the adjuster you need to speak with your attorney first. Insurers cannot force you to provide a statement without getting legal advice from your lawyer, and avoiding this could help you avoid accidental liability in your claim.
  • Admitting Fault or Guilt – In the midst of all the chaos of your accident, it can be easy to slip up and say things like “I didn’t mean to do it,” or “I didn’t see them coming.” However, it’s crucial to avoid doing so. Saying things like this could accidentally make you liable for your crash, even if the accident wasn’t actually your fault.
  • Saying You’re Fine – If the insurance company asks whether you’ve been hurt after your crash, don’t answer definitively. Saying you’re fine could lead to trouble later on if your doctor determines that you have, in fact, been injured. By telling the insurer you weren’t hurt in your crash, you could give up your right to obtain medical coverage when you file a claim.

What You Should Say

Here’s what you should tell the insurance company about your car accident: Simply notify the insurer that you’ve been involved in a crash and that your car accident lawyer will handle all further dealings involving the insurance claim. You’ll want to let the insurance company know this relatively soon after your crash so you can begin the claims filing process.

Consult with a Car Accident Lawyer

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