Milwaukee Seat Belt Injury Lawyer

All too often, seat belts fail to protect crash victims, sometimes even causing further injuries. In cases like this, a seat belt injury lawyer in Milwaukee can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Seat belts save thousands of lives by preventing catastrophic injuries. Without a seat belt, the chances that your car accident would have been fatal are high.

But seat belts don’t always protect—in fact, your seat belt may be the cause of your injuries. Sometimes, a car accident may come with enough force that even a properly worn belt can cause serious internal injuries.

If you believe you deserve personal injury compensation after an accident, call a Milwaukee seat belt injury lawyer at our firm. We are determined to get you the justice you deserve.

Assessing Your Injuries

In most cases, seat belts prevent more serious damage—they hold your body in place so you have less room to move with the force of the crash. An improperly worn seat belt could lead to serious head and neck injuries, such as concussions or whiplash, as well as abdominal injuries.

Seat belts cannot prevent every injury, however. A serious crash could cause internal bleeding where the belt sits. In cases where the seat belt is defective, these injuries could be even worse. A defective belt could unlatch or not tighten properly during a crash, which can be just as dangerous as not wearing a seat belt at all.

If your seat belt works improperly or doesn’t work at all, you could be entitled to compensation. These injuries can be serious—even life-threatening—and you deserve the funds to get back to your life. A Milwaukee defective seat belt lawyer can help you determine whether you have a viable case.

Determining Fault for Your Seat Belt Injury in Milwaukee

Many seat belt injuries come from simply being in a car accident. A seat belt can’t prevent all accident-related injuries, and with enough force, you could be seriously injured by the other driver. Seat belt injuries should be considered in your damages.

In many cases, however, the fault is on the defective seat belt. If this is the case, you should consider the fault of the manufacturer—the faulty product caused your injuries or caused them to be worse than they would have otherwise been.

Determining fault is a major part of filing a personal injury claim, but your own part in the accident can affect your case. Wisconsin recognizes comparative fault, meaning that, if you are found to hold some of the blame for your accident, you could lose a percentage of your compensation.

The defendant will likely try to use this against you. His or her lawyers may suggest you were using your seat belt improperly or that you were behaving recklessly, as well. These defenses can hurt your compensation, but the right seat belt injury attorney in Milwaukee can help you maximize your compensation.

Call a Milwaukee Seat Belt Injury Attorney

While a seat belt should save you from a serious accident, this is unfortunately not always the case. When you’re the victim of one of these accidents, you may need a qualified legal ally on your side as you seek fair compensation.

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