Milwaukee Rollover Accident Lawyer

While rollovers are often single-vehicle crashes, a number of parties could still be at fault for your crash. Find out by speaking with a Milwaukee rollover accident lawyer.

When you’re driving, there are plenty of hazards on the road that can cause an accident. Some car accidents may be minor, but others, like a rollover, can be extremely life-threatening or worse.

After a rollover accident, if you survive, you could be left with serious injuries, more bills than you can handle, and a barrage of insurance claims and correspondence. Suddenly the wreck goes from bad to worse and leaves you with more frustration than you started with.

One way to avoid as much of the stress as possible is to hire an experienced Milwaukee rollover accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg. Your lawyer will investigate the scene, handle the communication with insurance companies, and fight for compensation while you recover.

What Caused Your Rollover?

Rollover accidents have a stigma that the size of the vehicle was the cause of the accident, but that’s not necessarily the case. Rollover accidents can happen because of any of the following factors:

  • Poorly designed corners and roads
  • Evasive maneuvers
  • Getting run off the road by an angry, reckless, or drunk driver
  • Road construction
  • Faulty vehicle design

In any case, your Milwaukee rollover accident lawyer will figure out what happened so that fault can be determined. It’s important to note that if you are found to be at fault for the rollover, your potential settlement could be reduced, making it important to work with an attorney who can build a case that minimizes your level of fault.

Full Compensation for Your Rollover Damages

There’s no doubt that compensation is one of the biggest concerns you’ll have after your rollover. You want to be sure that your expenses are covered and so does your lawyer. But what damages should that include?

This is a complicated question to answer without the facts of the accident. That’s because there may be certain factors that could result in more or less compensation or things you’re not eligible to claim for one reason or another. However, you can expect the following to likely be included:

  • Medical Bills – Both present and future, as deemed necessary
  • Rehabilitation or Physical Therapy – The cost to cover these if they are necessary for your recovery
  • Repair or Replacement of Property – Including the cost of your car and other damaged property
  • Pain and Suffering – To be estimated between you and your lawyer; this includes emotional distress
  • Transportation Costs – Any expenses you’ve incurred because you are too injured to drive yourself to medical appointments, personal functions, and so on

Other expenses, economical and non-monetary may be included, but you’ll have to contact a lawyer to find out exactly how much your claim may be worth.

Contact a Milwaukee Rollover Lawyer

The trauma and stress of a rollover doesn’t end after the accident. The effects can be tough to deal with, not to mention expensive. You’ll want to make sure that your expenses are taken care of by the responsible party, and our firm is there to see that that happens.

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