Milwaukee Road Construction Car Accident Lawyer

Most of the time, road construction eventually provides drivers with benefits. It keeps roads in the proper condition and helps to prevent issues down the line. However, construction is not always beneficial for drivers. Sometimes, road construction can actually be the exact reason why a motorist is involved in an accident in the first place.

Recovering from a serious auto accident is no easy feat, and knowing what to do following your crash can be complicated. Fortunately, the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg can make the process of seeking compensation much easier. By enlisting the help of an experienced and highly knowledgeable Milwaukee road construction car accident lawyer, you will put yourself on the fastest path toward getting your life back to normal.

Common Injuries Due to Road Construction Accidents

When road construction is taking place, the conditions can become incredibly dangerous. Between limited driving room, changes to the state of the actual road, and complicated work taking place, it’s no wonder that many of the injuries sustained by victims of this type of crash are severe.

Some of the most common types of injuries experienced by drivers who were involved in road construction accidents include the following:

How Roadwork Causes Crashes

There is usually a great deal of activity taking place when road construction projects are underway. As such, it’s likely that there were a number of potential factors that may have contributed to your crash:

  • Limited or Improper Signage – When roadwork is taking place, it’s imperative that the construction workers do everything they can to minimize risks for drivers. This includes putting up signage to let drivers know that there is roadwork happening down the street. It may also let the driver know that there will be a reduced speed limit or detour ahead. When the proper signage precautions aren’t taken, injuries may be sustained by drivers in the area.
  • Insufficient Driving Room – If the road construction ends up restricting the room motorists have to make turns or lane changes, accidents are likely to take place. Construction companies have a responsibility to ensure that even while roadwork is taking place, drivers are able to navigate the roads safely.
  • Failing to Leave the Road in Safe Condition – It is of the utmost importance that once the construction work is done, the road is left in safe, drivable conditions. Leaving behind potholes or uneven pavement could cause the construction company to be liable if you were injured as a result of their negligence.

Compensation for Your Injuries and Losses

Recovering from a crash is never easy, and we will do everything in our power to make the process quick and painless. Part of that means seeking the right compensation in your claim to help you move on with your life.

You can seek compensation for any financial losses and lost quality of life suffered because of your roadwork accident:

  • Any property damage you incurred
  • Lost wages for time you had to take off of work
  • Any potential wages you may lose in the future due to your injuries
  • Any medical bills you receive, including hospital visits and appointments with your doctor

Speak with a Milwaukee Roadwork Car Accident Lawyer

If you were involved in an accident that was a result of dangerous roadwork conditions, let the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg help you find success in filing your claim. With a capable Milwaukee road construction car accident lawyer on your side, you’ll have the best chance possible to recoup compensation for your damages.

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