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Were you hurt while using a rideshare service and need compensation for your damages? Reach out to one of our rideshare attorneys to discover your options.

Thanks to rideshare services such as Lyft and Uber, you could potentially never have to drive yourself anywhere ever again. Need a ride to the movies, work, or even the airport? With the power of rideshare services, you’ll always have some form of transportation—although the reliability and safety of your transportation aren’t always guaranteed.

The unfortunate truth about rideshare services is your life is in the hands of a stranger who could be a reckless driver who causes you to experience an accident. And if your driver doesn’t cause an accident, another driver could—and there’s very little you can do to protect yourself as a passenger.

Even receiving compensation is a complicated process in a rideshare accident claim. The major rideshare companies feature million-dollar liability insurance but policies that tend to deflect blame away from them directly. Thankfully, speaking with a Milwaukee rideshare accident lawyer can help you decide what actions you should take next.

Rideshare Companies Hire Anyone to Drive Passengers

When you think of the skillset of a pilot, truck driver, or bus driver, you realize that their jobs require hours upon hours of training. Because they’re consistently responsible for the lives of countless people every day, not everyone can do their job without proper training. Applicants need to display competency.

Rideshare companies, on the other hand, have far fewer standards when it comes to hiring drivers. There are no intense training courses or testing that potential rideshare drivers have to pass before driving passengers. Having a functioning vehicle and passing a basic background check are their main requirements.

Due to the bar being low for most rideshare drivers, you’re always at risk of having an inexperienced or even reckless driver. There’s always a chance of you unknowingly getting into the vehicle of a dangerous individual, perhaps even one who’s driving under the influence. When this occurs, all you can do is hope your Milwaukee rideshare experience doesn’t end in a severe auto wreck.

So what if you’re lucky enough to receive a competent rideshare driver who’s not breaking any road rules and driving safely? Even under ideal conditions such as this, you’re always at risk of

being struck by another driver. Again, your options remain limited in this situation, and you’ll have to hope your damages aren’t severe.

How Do Rideshare Accident Settlements Work?

Major rideshare companies feature liability insurance that can pay out up to $1 million to victims. As soon as you enter the car of your Milwaukee rideshare driver, your coverage begins, and it ends once you reach your destination.

If your rideshare accident is the result of your driver’s actions, then the rideshare company’s insurance can in some cases cover the costs of your damages. This situation occurs when your driver’s insurance is unable to cover the cost of your losses. The same is true for other drivers who cause your rideshare accident and are unable to cover the costs of your damages.

Because rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft consider their drivers contractors, not employees, filing claims against them in Milwaukee can be challenging. Many rideshare accident cases often end in settlements, but you’ll have to decide what’s the best course of action for your rideshare accident case.

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