Milwaukee Defective Tire Lawyer

Having a defective tire can cause a life-threatening auto accident. If you suspect your car accident was the result of a defective tire, contact one of our Milwaukee defective tire attorneys. 

Driving with a defective tire is one of the more dangerous things you can experience while on the roadway. Having a defective tire blow out can cause your car to roll over and lead to a severe neck injury, along with a variety of other auto accident injuries.

Although many drivers trust a variety of tire brands, some tire manufacturers have faulty tires that are prone to causing blowouts, spinouts, and other auto accidents. Tread separation, in particular, is a common cause of many defective tire-related car accidents.

Do you suspect your accident was the direct result of a defective tire? If your answer is yes, then contacting a Milwaukee defective tire lawyer from the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg can help you file an injury claim against the manufacturer of your defective tires.

Leading Causes of Defective Tire Accidents

Tire manufacturers, like most corporations, are always interested in saving as much money as possible. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for some tire manufacturers to use low-quality materials when designing their tires. These poorly made tires are more likely to cause an auto accident.

Tread separation is another common cause of defective tire-related auto accidents. Flawed designs, the use of weak adhesives, or exposure during manufacturing can cause the treads of certain tire brands to separate and create a roadside accident. Because of this, tread separation has led to major recalls of some popular tire brands.

Proving Your Defective Tire Damages in Milwaukee

When filing your defective product claim against a tire manufacturer, you will have to prove that their defective tire caused your accident, whether through poor design or because of defective material or some other cause. You and a Milwaukee lawyer will have to show how the tire manufacturer’s product led to your car accident.

In the aftermath of your accident, you should always keep the defective tire itself and have it examined by an expert who can find the faults within the tire. Your Milwaukee, Wisconsin, defective tire attorney can help contact an expert who can help analyze the defective tires that caused your auto accident.

Once you’ve gathered enough evidence to prove the manufacturer’s defective tire resulted in your accident, you can file your product liability claim against the tire manufacturer. Medical bills, property damage, emotional distress, lost wages, and more are potential damages for which you can receive compensation for your defective tire-related car accident.

Reach Out to a Milwaukee Defective Tire Attorney

The Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg can help you file a Milwaukee defective tire claim against the tire manufacturer who caused your car accident. A Milwaukee defective tire lawyer from our office can assist you with gathering evidence for your tire being a defective product.

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