Milwaukee Airbag Injury Lawyer

One small defect can change an airbag from a safety device to a death trap. If you’ve been hurt because of an airbag, get in touch with a Milwaukee airbag injury attorney.

Sometimes, the items put in place to protect our safety end up harming us. If you have been seriously injured by an airbag, you know just how frustrating and painful this can be. Airbags typically save lives in crashes, but when your airbag is defective or goes off in a minor accident like a fender-bender, you or your loved ones could be hurt.

If this has happened to you, a Milwaukee airbag injury lawyer from our firm is here to help. We understand just how serious these accidents can be, and with our team behind you, you can get back on your feet in no time.

Injuries and Damages Tied to Defective Airbags

Most accidents, even minor fender-benders, can cause injuries. When the airbags deploy during these accidents, though, you or your family could be further injured.

Airbags are made with the average adult male in mind, meaning that many women and children are more likely to be injured by airbags in minor crashes. Between the force of the bag opening and the height at which it deploys, your child could suffer serious head and neck injuries during an accident.

Indeed, if you are in a minor accident or if your airbag is defective, your damages will likely include substantial medical expenses. You might find, however, that other expenses add up quickly—your vehicle damage, of course, should be included, but you must also consider any future issues from your injuries, such as therapy, surgery, or other treatments.

A qualified airbag injury lawyer in Milwaukee can help you assess your damages and assign an appropriate monetary value to them.

Getting the Compensation You Need

Getting your compensation will call for more than knowing what your claim is worth, however. Depending on the type of airbag accident you were hurt in, you may have different defendants.

If you are injured because your airbag was defective, you will likely turn to the manufacturer for your compensation. Manufacturers are responsible for maintaining product quality standards, and when they fail to do so, they should be held accountable for the injuries they cause.

At times, however, your airbag may open during something as small as a fender-bender. In this case, even though the accident was not a serious one, the other driver could be responsible for your injuries. After all, his or her negligence caused the accident.

If you believe you have a case, don’t hesitate to call a Milwaukee defective airbag lawyer. Personal injury cases have a three-year statute of limitations, and if you don’t act within this time frame, you could be barred from recovery.

Contact a Milwaukee Airbag Injury Attorney

Dealing with an airbag injury can be difficult, but our attorneys are here to help. If you believe you’re entitled to compensation for your accident, call our firm as soon as you’re able.

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