How to Calculate a Car Accident Settlement

Being involved in a car accident can take a major toll on your life. Afterward, you’ll likely need to take the right steps to safeguard your physical wellbeing and financial security. Part of this process will be knowing how to calculate a car accident settlement so you can recover the compensation you desperately need.

However, our team at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg understands that this process may be confusing for those who have never had to undertake it before. We want to make sure you find success with your claim, so we’ve highlighted some of the factors you should consider when seeking compensation.

Medical Expenses

Unfortunately, most auto collisions result in some type of physical injury for the victim. These can range from minor injuries, such as whiplash, to extreme injuries, such as becoming paralyzed or losing a limb. In either case, you will need medical care to treat your injuries.

To start, your attorney will calculate how much you have already spent on medical care. This may include costs like ambulance fees, hospital bills, medications, and appointments with your doctor. Then, we’ll put together a professional estimate of what your injuries will continue to cost you in the future.

Property Damage

Similarly, it’s likely that your collision will result in physical damage to your vehicle. This may include minor damage like a broken headlight or something more severe, such as a completely totaled car.

In the event the vehicle simply needs repairs, your attorney will include the cost of that work in your car accident settlement. If the accident resulted in a total vehicle loss, your lawyer will include the total cost of your car in your car crash settlement amount.


Whether you miss work due to court hearings or needing time to recover from the crash, it’s likely you’ll miss out on some wages after your crash. Part of knowing how to calculate a car accident settlement includes considering any wages lost due to the crash. This may also include your potential for loss of earning capacity in the future.

Speak with a Car Accident Lawyer

If you were recently involved in a collision and you’re trying to figure out how to calculate a car accident settlement, our team at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg is here to offer assistance.

We will go over your total losses to determine a comprehensive settlement amount, and then we’ll represent your interests during the proceedings to ensure the liable party’s insurance company awards you all the benefits you deserve.

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