How Do Car Accident Court Proceedings Go?

If you were recently hurt in a car accident, you likely are interested in taking steps to file a claim for compensation against the liable party. Doing so can provide you with the compensation and benefits you need to keep your life on track after the crash.

To find success, however, you’ll need to be prepared for any possible outcome. Part of this means understanding how car accident court proceedings go.

Our team at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg has in-depth experience taking car accident cases to court. Below, we highlight what you should expect during the proceedings.

The Steps Involved in Going to Court

Most car accident claims will settle before they ever get to trial. However, in some situations, you and the other party will be unable to reach a settlement agreement. In such instances, your case may need to go to court to determine whether the other party is required to compensate you.

Once your case goes to trial, you will likely go through the following steps:

  • First, the attorneys representing both parties will go through the steps necessary to select a jury to oversee the case and arrive at a decision.
  • Next, the parties will give their opening statements discussing their views of the incidents that occured and the evidence they plan to present during the trial.
  • Then, the attorneys will begin cross-examining the witnesses and allow the witnesses to give their accounts of what happened.
  • The attorneys will end the trial with their closing arguments.
  • The jurors will deliberate on the evidence and accounts they were presented with and arrive at a final decision.

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That’s the basic outline of how car accident court proceedings usually go. Now that you’re a little more informed, we hope you’ll get in touch with our team at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg. Whether your case is settled before trial or needs to go to court, we’ll work hard to get the results you’re after.

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