Determining Fault in a Multi-Car Accident

When you’re hurt in a car accident, it’s not always easy to determine who’s responsible for your injuries. Sometimes it comes down to you and the other driver and is still be difficult to prove you weren’t at fault. Meanwhile, determining fault in a multi-car accident is even tougher. 

Luckily, the lawyers at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg are here to help you file a claim against the correct at-fault party and pursue maximum compensation following your Milwaukee car accident. Reach out for assistance determining who may be responsible for your injuries and losses. 

When Other Drivers Are at Fault 

Determining fault when multiple drivers are involved can be complex. You may not have access to the information needed in determining who’s responsible for your injuries. Luckily, an experienced lawyer can detangle the details of the car accident and determine who’s liable for your losses.

Your lawyer has access to the tools you need when assigning responsibility for the accident. They can reconstruct the scene, looking for signs of who may be liable. Eyewitnesses may have noticed another driver using their phone behind the wheel, for example. 

The details of your car accident claim will vary based on the accident. Expert legal support can be your best approach to receiving full compensation for all economic and non-economic losses following the accident. 

Employer’s Responsibility 

You may know that another driver made a mistake, causing your Milwaukee car accident. But what if they were on the job at the time of your accident? They may have been a delivery driver, a commercial truck driver, or taxi driver. 

These drivers are often the responsibility of their employer. Employers are expected to hire responsibly and accept liability for their employees’ actions while the employees are working in the scope of their jobs. Your lawyer will attempt to help you determine who’s responsible for your damages when the at-fault party isn’t one of the drivers. 

Identify the At-Fault Party with a Car Accident Lawyer

When you’re hurt, determining fault in a multi-car accident is never an easy task. Luckily, the expert team of lawyers at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg are here to tackle the task in your name while you focus on recovery. Start with a free consultation to identify the at-fault party by calling 414-271-7007 or by filling out the online contact form below.