Mequon Truck Accident Lawyer

A car crash is serious enough, but when a semi-truck is involved, your injuries could be dire. If you’ve been hit, you’ll need a Mequon truck collision lawyer to help you get the compensation you need.

When we encounter 18-wheelers on the road, it can be an unnerving experience. Because they’re so much larger than our cars, they can cause much more damage than most other vehicles. Unfortunately, you might already know this firsthand.

When you’re hit by a tractor-trailer, it can be difficult to recover. You’re hurt, your expenses are high, and now you’re dealing with a complex accident claim. Fortunately, that’s what our lawyers at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg are here for. You need a professional who understands the suffering you’ve been put through.

If you’re struggling with your claim, let a Mequon truck accident lawyer help. We’ll help you prepare your claim and fight back when you’re struggling to get your compensation.

Liability in Truck Crashes

You’ve been hit by a truck and you need compensation, but who’s responsible for that compensation? In a car crash claim, this is usually the other driver, who would have been the cause of the accident. But, truck accident claims aren’t often that simple. While the other driver may have been to blame for your injuries, they may not be the one responsible for paying your compensation.

In many cases, truck drivers operate under the doctrine of employer liability. This means that since they’re at work, they’re not always the ones responsible for the accidents they caused. Since they wouldn’t be on the road in their 18-wheelers without these jobs, their employer may be responsible for the injuries they cause.

Compensation for Your Mequon Truck Accident

When you’re injured by a semi-truck driver, you’ll need to know what damages you should include and what those damages are worth. You’ll need to include any damages suffered, from the financial losses to the emotional toll your accident might take.

But these aren’t easy to calculate alone. Your emotional losses don’t have a single cost but are instead determined by the impact on your life those damages have. Even your economic damages can be difficult to calculate, since you’ll need to include future costs, as well. Fortunately, our personal injury lawyers can help you decide what should be included and how much you should receive.

If you’re unsure what damages you should include for your claim, considering the following common damages:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

Contact a Mequon Truck Accident Attorney

When you’re injured by a truck driver, you’ll need to fight for the compensation you’ll need, but that’s not always easy. You’re suffering severe injuries, and the company the truck driver works for might not be willing to settle. In this case, you’ll need a lawyer from the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg on your side.

Our attorneys can help you fight back when you’re struggling with your claim, starting with a free consultation. Take advantage of this offer by contacting a Mequon truck accident lawyer and getting started as soon as possible. To reach us, call 414-271-7007 or complete the online form below.