Long-Term Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury

A personal injury accident, such as a car crash, can result in different types of injuries. These include traumatic brain injuries, also known as TBIs. You are likely to suffer a TBI when your head is pierced or hit by a heavy object. A sudden jolt can also lead to a milder form of TBI. You may be able to recover compensatory damages for a TBI with the help of a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer.

TBIs can have both short-term and long-term impacts. A less severe TBI may have only short-term ramifications for you. However, more serious TBIs involve brain cell damage. Such injuries can have long-term effects that continue to impact the quality of your life. Here is a look at these.

Physical Problems

You may face physical problems in the long run after suffering a TBI. Common physical problems faced by TBI victims include:

  • Persistent or Recurrent Headache – You may experience a persistent headache or regular episodes of it. The severity may vary depending on the nature of your TBI. More severe headaches can also lead to other symptoms listed below.
  • Nausea and Vomiting – You may feel nauseous and vomit, especially when suffering from exceptionally severe headaches.
  • Sleepy or Exhausted – Another common long-term consequence of TBIs can be in the form of physical exhaustion. You may feel sleepy all the time or feel too drained to perform any work.
  • Balance Issues – You may also find yourself struggling to stay on your feet. TBIs can create a sense of disorientation which may cause loss of balance issues.

Sensory Problems

Sensory problems pertain to issues with the normal functioning of your five senses. You may experience different types of sensory issues in the wake of a TBI. These include:

  • Changes in Taste and Smell – You may experience a total loss of the senses of taste and smell. Or you may notice some change in the form of not being able to detect certain scents.
  • Ringing Ears – Another common problem encountered by TBI victims is a persistent ringing in the ears.
  • Vision Problems – A TBI can often leave an impact on your vision. Some people experience blurred vision after a TBI; others start to suffer from blind spots.

Cognitive Issues

This is the most common body of problems that occur if you suffer from a TBI. Cognitive issues relate to your mental or intellectual activities. Long-term cognitive effects of a TBI include:

  • Inability to Focus – You may not be able to focus on a task at hand, or be easily distracted. You may also have issues recalling things.
  • Language Issues – You may find it hard to speak, read, or write. This has to do with an inability to focus as well as an inability to coordinate between multiple motor skills.

Learn How a Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

As noted above, the long-term effects of TBIs can drastically impact the quality of your life. This is why it is important to hold an at-fault party accountable for your injuries.

Here at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg, we believe that TBI victims are entitled to maximum compensation for their injuries. This is why our brain injury lawyers work with you to seek a fair and quick settlement for your personal injury claim.

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