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How to Calculate Future Damages After an Accident

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When you’re hurt in a serious accident, it can take time, energy, and the right funds to recover from your injury. Unfortunately, recovering your health can be complex—your injuries may not get better right away, and you may need ongoing treatment for your injuries and other damages. 

Because of this, you need to know what your future damages are worth. But that can also be complicated without the right tools. How do you know what you’ll need, for example? If you’re injured and need help getting compensation for your current and future damages, reach out to a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer before you go to court. 

Estimating Your Future Damages 

When you’re hurt in a serious accident, you may have some idea of what your claim is worth. You may have an estimate from the mechanic about your car repairs, or the hospital may have billed you for your medical treatment after the accident. But that’s not always the end of your damages. 

Let’s say you suffered a head injury. You may need long-term treatment for your injury, and recovery isn’t always linear. So what damages should you receive if your injury worsens and you need more time in the hospital or even surgery? That can be tough to calculate, which is why you may need a lawyer’s help to figure out the value of these damages. 

How to Prove Your Future Damages 

When you’re hurt in an accident, you need specialized tools and calculators to find the complete value of your claim. Your lawyer should have these tools to determine them for you. 

For example, you may have already missed work because of the injury for days or even weeks. That means lost wages you need to include in your claim. But you may miss more work for future surgeries, for example. If you have some idea of how many days your injury may leave you unable to work, your lawyer can help you estimate the funds you should receive for them. 

How a Wisconsin Accident Lawyer Can Help 

Your injuries may require compensation that covers current and future expenses. But you don’t have the tools to calculate these damages, and your injuries may make it difficult to take action on your claim. You may need help getting compensated fairly for these damages. 

Your accident lawyer isn’t just here to provide you the tools to calculate your claim. Your lawyer is also here to ensure you’re asking for your max compensation, and they’re here to represent you in the courtroom. We know how tough it is to balance your legal claim and your health recovery. That’s why we’re here to help you take your claim to the courtroom, if needed, and get compensated. 

Get Your Damages Covered with a Lawyer

When you’ve been injured in a serious accident, you need to know what your damages are worth before you go to court. But not all damages are easy to calculate. 

Luckily, our lawyers at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg have access to the tools you need. We can help you determine your claim’s worth when you reach out for a free consultation. Call 414-271-7007 or fill out the following online contact form to learn more about our services.